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Leaf Activity Log

During drawing this leafs I will tell you what I was thinking about. The first day I was thinking how bad my leaf will look by the end of all this and what I should try to do to make … Continue reading

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Blind contour Activity log

When I was doing my first blind contour I was thinking what is the point of this? Then I realized it was to test your drawing skills without looking and I was like woo this is awesome. Then I came back to myself and continued drawing and finished. I looked at my drawing and was horrified. It looked really messed up but perfectly fitted him so I thought it was good for him. Next I tuned out again and thought about what is going to happen for the next classes. Then I realized that I had biology next and I said man this is going to suck and I accidently screwed up on my drawing. The last drawing was of me because we were running out of time. That was the hardest one to do. I completely lost track of what I was doing and my guys face was shifted of to the side. That is what I thought of when I was drawing these Continue reading

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My name is Daniel Hall

Hi my name is Daniel Hall. I went to Desert Shadows Middle School and my favorite food is pizza.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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