Pen and Ink Activity log

During these 6 days of drawing this pen and ink this is what I was thinking. On the first day I thought about how good mine was turning out and everything. One the second day of the drawing I thought about insults to say to Reid because he wasn’t doing so well and I thought it would be funny to mess with him. On the third day I was still thinking about what how my drawing was turning out and worrying about getting behind. And when we started inking it all went downhill from there and I started to think about what the other guys at my table where going to say to me when they saw my drawing and sure enough they did dis my drawing. After a while I started to get better and cross hatching so they completely stopped dissing me and I began to worry about being behind and surely enough as you can see in my last picture I was. That is what I was thinking about when drawing my Pen and Ink.

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