2 Point Perspective Activity Log

During this 6th day project this is what I was thinking. On the first day I was thinking about how much fun this project would be and if mine would look good so it started of pretty well. On the 2nd and 3rd day it started to come into play that I was obviously way behind and I was jealous of Adam Mosharafa’s drawing his work always looks so good. On the 4th and fifth day I was really discouraged and tired of this project and could not wait for it to end then I got worried I would not finish it because we were supposed to finish in two more days which I wasn’t even close. And I was still jealous of Adam because he didn’t even care he was just drawing at a normal pace and his look really good. Lastly on the last day I was excited to start the next project so I just rushed and sketched the rest. That is what I was thinking during this project.

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