Pen and Ink Resource Post

Artist: Rens Ink
Title: Raccoon
Dimension: 11×14 inches
Media of each work: Drawing Pen and Ink
Why you chose it: Looks very interesting and has very good penmanship
What about the reference image you can integrate: I like how all the lines end up making a raccoon
Some interesting factoid about the artist(s): puts different shades of the pen to make it stand out.
Artist: Joseph Szymanski
Title: Cityscape #5
Dimension: 9×12 inches
Media of each work: Ink on paper
Why you chose it: Weird drawing that stands out What about the reference image you can integrate: That he drew a city over another city some interesting factoid about the artist(s). Very interested in pictures themselves.
Artist: AJ Currado
Title: Remember When
Dimension: 8×10
Media of each work: Pen and Ink
Why you chose it: It is almost like what we just did but more in depth What about the reference image you can integrate: How everything has good definition to it and a good back shadow. Some interesting factoid about the artist(s). She started off not knowing what to do with her college education and she was interested in writing, music and art

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Still Life Activity Log

When I was drawing my Still life I was thinking if the drawing would eventually get better which I was disappointed it didn’t. On the first day I hoped to get better as drawing this kind of stuff which I didn’t. I hoped it to be as good as my leaf drawing which it started off like that but it went downhill from there. I was thinking about the shading off the drawing which was hard to get especially with the wrong kind of pencil. Then I got distracted and thought about the homework I have in different classes and also thinking about on Thursday how my brothers and all my friends get the day off just because of Jewish people which made me mad. I also thought about what my brothers are probably doing which I ended up right. It was playing Xbox 360 on Halo 3. But after finishing thinking about that I finished my drawing.

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Leaf Activity Log

During drawing this leafs I will tell you what I was thinking about. The first day I was thinking how bad my leaf will look by the end of all this and what I should try to do to make it better then I realized I had a tool to spread out the texture which helped a lot. On the second day I tried to copy the veins on the leaf but failed they were way too wide and looked massive and i was wondering why I am such a bad artist. On the last day I was trying to fix everything wrong with my drawing. I had to fix the veins and the shading and finish my drawing. I was thinking to myself maybe this doesn’t look so bad so I added a drop shadow to my leaf which made it look a whole lot better than I had expected. That is what I was thinking about when I was drawing the leaf.

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Blind contour Activity log

When I was doing my first blind contour I was thinking what is the point of this? Then I realized it was to test your drawing skills without looking and I was like woo this is awesome. Then I came back to myself and continued drawing and finished. I looked at my drawing and was horrified. It looked really messed up but perfectly fitted him so I thought it was good for him. Next I tuned out again and thought about what is going to happen for the next classes. Then I realized that I had biology next and I said man this is going to suck and I accidently screwed up on my drawing. The last drawing was of me because we were running out of time. That was the hardest one to do. I completely lost track of what I was doing and my guys face was shifted of to the side. That is what I thought of when I was drawing these

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My name is Daniel Hall

Hi my name is Daniel Hall. I went to Desert Shadows Middle School and my favorite food is pizza.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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